I walked until the end but only saw a file of garbage. I walked back and I saw a guy smiling at me, greeting a good morning. We talked for a while and I asked him if he knows a place where we can swim with our bikini. He said yes, just behind the garbage.

Yes, he was kind enough to walked with me going to the so called bikini beach. While walking, I learned that he came from a far away island and is working in Malé.  He worked as a social worker in drug rehabilitation center.

From the garbage area, walk to your left then to your right and you will see the below, beautifully lined-up dwarf coconut trees going to bikini beach.

This bikini beach is made especially for foreigners. Yes, you can wear your bikini here that is why it is called bikini beach. Since it was still early, only the two of us are in the beach except one lady foreigner jogging at the  football field near here. We only swim for a few minutes. I don’t feel comfortable swimming with him.

I always love the sunset and the sunrise. I woke up at 5:45 to see the sunrise. The sun will up at 6:15AM at the back of the guesthouse. As I walked around, I saw local women jogging and walking with their dress on. Don’t be surprised, it’s their culture.

Story by http://trekkersnotes.com/morning-walk-at-huraa-kaafu-atoll/