Sandy, one of the most experienced divers in the Maldives have said that Maldives is still the number one diving destination in the world.

Giving information about diving, during the Guest House Conference held at Darubaaruge today, Sandy said that diving started around 50 years ago and diving in Maldives started just 6 years after that.

Sandy said that everyone wants to experience the underwater beauty of Maldives and everyone should work hard to maintain this beauty.

He also said that, Maldives is also one of the safest destinations to dive and also Maldives has the latest medical facilities needed in case of a dive accident.

Sandy said that tourists who only want to dive and experience the underwater scenery usually visits Maldives in Safaris. In addition, he said that those diving enthusiasts who come with families who want to experience resorts, usually stay in resorts. “All these options are available in the Maldives” said Sandy.

Sandy said that increase in guest house will attract more divers to Maldives. He said that cheap guest house means, divers will have more money to spend for dives.
Sandy requested guest house managers to complete and be mindful of all formalities when organizing dives.

Article by miadhu,mv