First off, Musthafa and Natasha run a fantastic operation. We could not have been more pleased with the personal and professional level of care and interaction with them both. (We have stayed at a LOT of accommodations all over the world.) Sorry for such a long post, but after having such a fantastic time here, we want to let you all know about some of the details so you can make an informed decision. This is the exact kind of place we love to stay at in our travels, so we want to spread the word. Beach Heaven only started about 5 years ago after the Maldives government finally let local Maldivians operate visitor rental accommodations. Previously the only option was the big resorts. Their B&B is designed for the budget traveler/tourist who wants a decent but not fancy place to stay, options for excursions at affordable rates, a relaxed stay at your own pace, and is interested in experiencing a bit of local life, too. One bonus was that they picked us up at the airport even though our flight got in after dark, so we didn’t have to spend a night in Male before heading out to the island. Accommodations are kept very clean, are relatively new construction, and have all the necessities. Safety and security were not an issue at all for us and we saw no hint of a problem with these. All the staff and local islanders were very friendly to us, and we did not feel uncomfortable visiting the island’s Muslim community. In fact, we were impressed by the friendliness and seeming acceptance of us as a Caucasian/Asian couple. One of the delights of the trip was discovering that there is a “bikini beach” designated for visitors on the island (as is common on other islands). This particular beach on Huraa Island is a treasure – the best spot on the island for privacy, snorkeling, swimming, taking pictures with the cabanas of the high-end Club Med in the background. Absolutely beautiful. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was the excursion to Mustafa’s exclusive Picnic (Gaaveli) Island, where we went snorkeling twice and had lunch on this sliver of an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He has exclusive rights to use the island and takes you there in his boat that’s moored just a few dozen feet from your room. We had just 5 guests on the boat plus 5 staff – Musthafa plus two on the boat, plus two more on the island. All this was a great value at $30USD per person for a 6-hour trip, everything included. We opted for the full meal program. Musthafa explained that he decided to keep it local and affordable. You can get a typical Western/European/Asian buffet virtually anywhere nowadays, but experiencing authentically local fare is hard to find. We enjoyed learning about and tasting the more traditional foods. (The tuna – bread mash was my favorite, hard to describe but delicious.)

Very friendly staff, great location. Great trips for affordable prices. Food was local and good quality. Very good value for money.

We had a great time at beach heaven! We came for our first week end in the Maldive and found a cozy place with very friendly people. The place is clean and the service is wonderful and attentive. They also have a lot of activities, we did the kayaking and had lots of fun. They surprised us with a dinner on the beach the last night which was a great surprise! A good value for money , come to chill on a little island with good people :) thank you beach heaven

Beach Heaven is brilliant – a fantastic way to experience the Maldives without costing a fortune. The food is great, and so are the activities available with are also very affordable, and Huraa itself is a beautiful island with a bikini beach so you can sunbath by crystal blue sea like in any resort. Also the island is easily accessible by public ferry so you don’t have to pay for expensive island transfers. We absolutely loved it here and hope to come back again in the future! Thank you Musthafa and all of your staff :)
Emma and Ben

To Musthafa, Massimo and Natasha, along with the other staff at Beach Heaven, I want to thank you all for a great stay. It was short, but we packed in as much as we could while we were there. The staff were very accommodating and were ready to meet our needs. To be welcomed at the airport felt very much like we were part of a family. Being escorted to a speedboat with a very private feel was nice and we were given water that became a challenge to drink during a ride that could rival any theme park attraction. The journey kept us laughing and smiling until we were greeted by Natasha who invited us to join in the breakfast that was already being enjoyed by others. We had fresh coconut water served which was another nice touch before tucking into some great buffet style Maldivian cuisine. The weather was not so good, but the staff were ready to take me out surfing anyway. I was happy they were willing to take me out and it was fun to tackle some choppy waves with the guys. The dolphin cruise was great as it didn’t take long before we found a pod. Other boats were there and it felt like we were getting a great deal in comparison to them. The following meals were always great with plenty for everyone. Different juices were served and coffees were available throughout. The island is a bit of a shock when comparing to stock pictures on Google of ‘The Maldives’. I was so glad to get a real experience of what the Maldives actually is. We could casually borrow bicycles and tour around the island to see life as it’s lived day to day by the locals. There is a lovely little ‘Bikini beach’ which provided some easy access to snorkeling with fish at low tide. There were many more activities available that we didn’t have time to do, but would’ve surely done. Sometimes, it was enough to lounge about on the hammock chairs and casually swing to a doze under the shade of the trees. The only thing I didn’t like was the sulphur shower and the unpredictability of the water temperature. But it didn’t take anything away from a very nice, laid back trip. The other guests were friendly and seemed quite content with everything. Massimo and his lovely wife were also extremely helpful and supportive during our stay and I sure hope to see them again, along with Musthafa. Upon checking out, we were given a nice little gift that was a nice personal touch before being waved good bye as we got the speedboat back to the airport. We were lucky for the friendliness as we were a little short on money and fortunately, Natasha was understanding and didn’t mind us drawing out more cash at the airport to fulfill the total cost of our stay. Overall, my wife and I had a great time and had memories to last us a lifetime, even with such a short stay. Anything is as good as you want to make it and I made sure we would have a good time. I’m thankful to everyone that they also worked hard to make it a good time for us. We hope to visit again in the future. Take care and stay relaxed Beach Heaven! Matt & Chisa Overall, my wife and I
Matt and Chisa

We had a wonderful stay at Beach Heaven guesthouse! The location is well situated between Club Med and Four Seasons Resort, both visible from our location. The sea is beautiful and clear everywhere. Musthafa picked us up personally from the airport. They have hangout cafe with free flow of coffee, tea and mineral water all day. Our all inclusive meals are all buffet style, and we looked forward to their yummy curry dishes and ‘papadum’ crackers. A mini beach is right outside our house, furnished with many beach chairs and swings to relax. Wifi is not strong but available around the house. There are convenience shops around the small island and items are priced for locals. The activities offered by BH are affordable. All in all, we did dolphin cruise, viligili island visit, turtle and shark snorkelling, canoe and paddle boarding. We can see so much effort to make it a 5-star experience in every way for us, from serving fruit juice every meal, serving coffee to rooms, to setting up palm leaves for our beach side BBQ meals. It is a super worth stay at less than quarter of the price paid at the established resorts across the island. Visit to Club Med is suggested to enhance your Maldives experience. We missed our stay at BH immediately after we left for home. We will certainly be back and recommend anyone to lodge at BH to experience comprehensive Maldivian lifestyle.

This was one of the best spots I’ve ever stayed!! It’s a 5 minute walk to the bikini beach and it’s gorgeous. The options that they have for you for activities are awesome as well and SO much cheaper than you would get at any resort or anywhere else on the island. The food that they make is really delicious. Endless water, coffee, and tea, which was a huge plus. I liked the staff the most though! They were so thoughtful and kind and really welcoming! You really got to know them, which I loved! I will definitely be coming back here! Thank you so much!!! You made my first trip to the Maldives wonderful!

We were warmly welcome. Mustafa and his stuffs were always very helpful and nice. rooms were clean and well kept. food was very good! private beach was clean and quiet. it was a short stay, so we just experienced snorkeling at the coral reefs which was an wonderful experience for both of us! we went for fishing and caught a few! :D overall, great stay indeed!!

Musthafa has the perfect location and staff to have a true experience in the Maldives. He makes you feel like a part of the locals on the island and has so many activities to do during your stay. The food was good and always on time, his staff works hard to make sure your stay is satisfying. Leaving everyone felt like leaving family after a trip, it was sad! This is what Airbnb is all about, a host that makes you feel welcome and takes care of you. Thank you for the memories Musthafa!

Hi, I spent few nights at Heaven Beach in Huraa and I must say it was amazing, the island is amazing and the hotel offers everything you need, like surfing, snorkeling in hot points, etc. Swiming among turtles and sharks (not big ones) was one of the best experiences of my life. Musthafa is a helpful person with whom you can speak and understands everything. Thing I would improve? The water of the bathroom, there was a problem with the water in all the island and it smells. As they said, is going to be fixed in December 2016. Greetings!

My first day on arrival is greeted by mustafar at the jetty, the island is beautiful as the picture. Upon arrival mustafar staff gave us a welcoming coconut drink, we so happy as the day was so hot. The room was good and clean, so as the bathroom. Only concern is the how water that are not function properly. Regarding the smell of water still bearable, but hope mustafar will improve it in the near future. We do so many activity, but the favourite is dolphins and vilingili escape. The staff there so friendly and helpful toward us. On the last day mustafar also prepare early breakfast as we are leaving in early morning by public boat. Be sure to go on dry season as we encounter several raining day.
Mohd Firdaus

My girlfriend and I stayed at the Beach Haven accommodations for 5 days and then I stayed for 3 days in the Surfers package. Overall it was a stay that completely exceeded both our expectation and was a tremendous value for the price. We were treated great and had tons of good food and opportunities for reasonably priced excursions. The surf package was great as well since I got to surf whenever I wanted and had amazing access to the top surf spots. We surfed at sultans many of the times since I am still learning, but they had a really nice board and various options. 10/10 would stay again, especially since we were treated so well!

We had a great and relaxing holiday here. Mustapha is a great host. He tried his best to fulfill our request. His staffs are welcoming. The room is comfortable and clean. Although there is smell from the water but it is bearable. The snorkeling excursions are amazing. Highly recommended if you want a budget trip and wish to experience the Maldivian locals lifestyle.

We had a great time at Beach heaven! Musthafa and staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I really love this place.

We had a wonderfull time at Beach Heaven. Clean and autentic, Mustafa and his staff was very kind and helpfull. Specialfly Ibrahim ( snorkeling trips) was amazing at finding interesting snorkelingspots and takning good Care of the boys during snorkeling. Do as many trips ad possible -especially reef snorkelingtrips and Manta Ray trip . Food is good but after 1 1/2 week you dream of meet and more variety in taste. The small of the water was ok but some of the days a little rotten- like smell. Mind that there is a lot of current at the private Beach but you can go out for a dip- it’s a lovely little shady Beach for the siesta. We really can recommend going to Beach Heaven if you want a local-like accomendation that wont ruin you. Ps. Bring your own snorkeling gear if possible or you can borrow ( not all sizes) And bring tons of very High Factor sunscreen ( Cant buy it on the Island ). Huraa and Beach Heaven is a lovely place that you really dont feel like leaving.

We arrived to Male airport with a late afternoon flight and reserved private pick up. Mushtafa and his crew welcomed us in the arrival area and accompanied us to the speed boat. In next half an hour we were in Huraa invited for dinner. The accommodation is of modern decent standard in several neighbouring houses. Huraa is still underdeveloped however is not far to several good reefs. Mushtafa has been a prifessional diver and he is keen to share the pleasure of swimming and showing the marine life with others. He and his team treated us very well and if you are down to earth people, you will definitely enjoy staying in his property, enjoying sea, snorkeling, swimming with mantas (about 1 hour (March) from Huraa by speed boat depending on season and wind) and if missing glimpses of luxury than go to drink of all inclusive fun to neighbouring resorts.

Musthafa has done a perfect description of his place. You cann’t expect a resort, it is a guest house at the beach but be aware that even if you have the beach in front of you, you cann’t jump into the water with your bikini on; you have to walk 5 minutes to a bikini beach. The luxury about Musthafa’s place are the excursions.They are in small groups and I think you pay a third of the price in compare to a resor;t You get to see the BEST of Maldives with Musthafa .He will take care of everything!

Beach Heaven was wonderful from the very beginning. For a fee, Musthafa will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the island. When you arrive, you’ll be given a delicious coconut filled with coconut water and the staff will take your things to your room. Our room was comfortable, with a full-size bed, dressing table, free-standing closet, and tables on each side of the bed. We were given all information about breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, including all excursions we could participate in. PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a resort island. There is a small school, two stores, and several blocks of houses on the island. Women: dress accordingly (think short sleeves and capris). There are beaches all over the island, but only one (aptly called Bikini Beach) allows women to wear their bathingsuits. The island is beautiful, the staff is welcoming, and the accommodations more than suitable. We had a perfect week, and Musthafa was there every step of the way.

Our overall experience at Beach Heaven Maldives was generally pleasant, unique, and definitely memorable. Deciding to forgo the more upscale and luxurious resorts allowed us to experience Maldivian village life with greater sincerity while affording us the ability to sample various nearby high-end resorts (through day and night passes) without being confined solely to those areas. It also allowed us to socialize with guests of varying nationalities, all of whom decided to stay at Beach Heaven Maldives. Accommodations at the guest house were adequate aside from the lack of toiletries (which could be availed of cheaply at the neighborhood store) and a minor issue with a slow shower drain towards the end of our visit. Bicycle and catamaran rentals which were advertised were also unavailable due to needed repairs. Meals provided at the guest house were also adequate but would definitely benefit from a greater variety. Despite these minor setbacks, Musthafa and his staff more than made-up for them with their hospitality, friendliness, and personal attention to each guest’s needs. They arranged for all the necessary transfers during excursions and were conscientious about ensuring everyone’s safety and happiness. Considering the relatively miniscule fee charged for this awesome Maldivian adventure, we were more than wiling to overlook minor issues and just “go with the flow” to fully enjoy our stay. If you want a more genuine experience in the islands while working around a budget, Beach Heaven Maldives will be best suited for you. We will definitely recommend this to our friends and colleagues. Thanks Musthafa! Lyndon Soriano Rafael Obusan Pinky Ticwala Catherine Gajelonia

Mustafa qui gère cet établissement est tres proche de ses clients. Il fait tout pour que tout se passe bien et s occupe bien de nous, en nous proposons de très belles excursions je vous conseille d aller à viligili vous aurez une idée du paradis sur terre avec un bon barbecue aussi.

Musthafa is a great host and Beach Heaven is a definetly a great place to stay. As discussed, Mustahafa sent a boat to the airport to pick us up and he waited for us when we arrived. He is very friendly, helpful and attentive. Every day there are a lot of fun activities organized and you can either chose to join a group for one activity or you can even do by your own something else, Mustahfa will help you in any case. The room was clean and nice and for those who have concern regarding the water and it`s smell … everything is perfect – no worries! Overall, staying at Beach Heaven was fantastic!

Our stay at Beach Heaven really started with a chat. We planned our Maldives trip from the ground up, which left a lot uncertain. Where as you can usually not worry about transport etc when traveling, getting to the right island on arrival is kind of key in the Maldives. At this point Massimo was super helpful. We started chatting via Airbnb and he answered all our questions. This is really what made us decide with Beach Heaven initially. This proved to be a great choice. We arrived on schedule, and a staff member picked us up from the ferry and led us to the guesthouse. We had a quick introduction, some coconut drinks and a general tour of the area. The rooms were clean and comfortable. The lack of windows really wasn’t an issue as it kept things nice and cool (also thanks to the AC). We were perhaps 20m from a local beach, and a 5 min comfortable walk from the islands bikini beach. For our 8 day stay we spent more or less every day doing one of the numerous outings on offer (extra cost of USD15->USD45 depending). Usually this took most of the early day, or sometimes the full day. Then we spend additional time at the beach (which is fantastic). We highly recommend you try all the activities on offer, particularly the snorkeling related ones and the day trips. The water and ecosystem is just superb. We did not end up going to any of the resorts (you can get evening or day passes at USD80/USD120), as we are both non drinkers, and not much for comfy/party, we much prefer adventure =). But heard from several people staying at the guesthouse that did go, that it was the full experience, drinks, activities, food etc. So if you want to, there is always the options. On the final day there Musthafa took us snorkeling by himself at a nearby reef, and in the morning we shared a speedboat trip back to the Airport (USD 160 / 4 people). Which gave us an extra day at the island since the ferry only leaves once per day. All I can say is that I highly recommend Beach Heaven. It is extremely cost effective, its staff is fantastic, friendly and happy. The food was local and superbly tasteful (even if you did want.. something non fishy after 8 days =P). And the place is beautiful.

Musthafa was an excellent host, and his staff were extremely polite and friendly. Everything is just as per the listing, it is no resort but if you’re on a budget and looking to have a taste of Maldives, this is the place you’re looking for! I’d recommend to take a day out to visit Club Med (resort), and for the rest of your visit, simply relaxing and snorkeling, enjoying the Maldivian life. Accommodation was decent, basic necessities were provided for. Any problems with the rooms were rectified by Musthafa and his crew swiftly too. There was wifi but I’d suggest buying the local SIM card at the airport, doesn’t cost too much for a lot of data! Overall it was a great experience with Musthafa, his son and the rest of the crew. It was great fun!

My wife and I had a great stay. Recommendations and tips for other travelers: -The island is native, it’s rough around the edges. We liked this because we got a sense of the real culture and people. -If you plan to spend USD they need to be crisp. Businesses will not accept old “soft” bills. -Musthafa and his team put in a lot of effort to make you feel welcome. -The meals are similar from day to day. Fish is included prominently.

This place is fantastic if you are looking for a local Maldives experience at a fraction of the cost of the big resorts. The food served was also incredibly tasty and the staff really friendly. The speedboat ride from the airport is an interesting experience, especially on a rough sea, but fun all the same. We really also enjoyed cycling round the island on the fun dual bikes they have here.

Beautiful setting, pleasant and helpful staff, blissfully quiet at night, delicious food. A wonderful experience. We genuinely want to go back to Huraa.

we stayed for 1 week at Beach heaven and it was a great place. The kids enjoyed the beach right in front of the house and the bikini beach was quite close. Musthafa tried very hard to make us feel good and cater to all our needs. he has lots of trips and excursion to offer and we did snorkelling, Dolphin watching and Island visit. the internet is indeed a bit slow (when there are many users), but this was a small problem for us. rooms and bathrooms are ok, walls are a bit thin, but we did not have any loud neighbours. we are already planning our next visit.

Thank you so much to Musthafa and his staff !!!! Hospitality, Kindness, flexibility, …. everything was great ☺☺☺☺☺☺ We had a wonderful stay in the guesthouse and hope to be back for another holidays

In a nutshell: Had a great vacation with Musthafa and his crew. The self-description listed on Airbnb is fair and accurate. Met my expectations well. Pros: Friendly hosts who made me feel welcome Got to experience the lifestyle of the locals Very reasonable rates Ample activities for a week’s vacation Less pretentious homely environment Lovely reefs and sea life just off bikini beach Cons: The water had a smell which is honestly described on the host’s profile. Intermittent warm water Positive stories: We wanted to see a turtle in the open sea, and Musthafa specially took my girlfriend and I out one morning and we saw one up close. Saw many sharks and manta rays too. On our departure, Musthafa dispatched his speedboat to send us to the airport. It wasn’t at our request and he didn’t charge for it. Advice: If you are looking for luxury and don’t mind paying maybe three times the price for it, you would be happier going to a resort. But if you would like to interact with and support the locals, staying with Musthafa will be an equally fulfilling experience. For variety, purchase a day pass to go to Club Med Kani (which is on the neighbouring island just 300-400 meters away?) and you can have a comparison of resort Maldives vs the ‘real’ Maldives.

I really enjoyed staying at Mustafas guesthouse and I can recommend it! :-) Arriving & leaving: Before coming to Huraa I was staying in Thulusdhoo. I came by ferry to Huraa in the morning (it costs about 22mvr). Mustafas staff picked me at the ferry and took my bag to the guesthouse. I left little earlier than I was supposed to because I wanted to see other islands too. It was perfectly okay for Mustafa. He even organized breakfast for me because I left so early morning. Again at the leaving day Mustafa and his staff took me and my bag to the harbour and I took a speedboat back to Thulusdoo. Location: Island is very small so it really don’t matter where you are staying. Beach Heaven was in good location near the local beach. Bikini beach was pretty near like few minutes away on foot. Huraa is very near at airport island and Male’. It don’t take long time to reach island by ferry. Island is also surrounded by resort islands so the view is really nice. Staff: Staff were really nice and friendly. They were always capable to help me if I had any questions or problems. Rooms: Nice rooms with AC and fan. My room was clean and it was really basic with couple beds, closet and table. I also had toilet and shower. Food: I also really like foods. They made different kind of local foods. There is couple shops at the island where you can buy little snacks etc. But you can’t really make your own foods there so I recommend to eat Mustafas place. They had breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also have water for free. Activities: They had lots of different kind of activities. I tried snorkeling and it was really nice experience. We went by boat away from island and snorkeled at the reef. I saw multiple sharks, fishes and turtle! When I was in Thulusdhoo I saw only fishes and I snorkeled there 2 weeks everyday. I also went to near resort island for a evening. It was nice experience too. I could really recommend to take a daypass to resort island. There you can have all the meals and drinks with alcohol (which you can’t get at local islands). Internet: There was Wifi at guesthouse but it was really slow. It did not bothered me because I bought SIM-card (Dhiraagu) at Male’ so I could keep touch with my friends by phone. I also had internet connection and it worked really good everywhere. Overall it was really nice experience at Maldives. I will definitely come back! Thanks for everything. :) x Ronja

Everything was great at Beach Heaven. Musthafa welcomed us at the pier like we were expecting and walked us to Beach Heaven. His staff had a big smile on their faces and a fresh coconut at our arrival which was really kind. They have few properties and the rooms are spread among them but they are all side by side and, there is the main one where the meals are served. The Room was spacious and had everything we needed, the bed was a bit small but no big deal. The bathroom is ok and shower has hot water;) the meals were unexpectedly good and on our 3rd day they started setting the tables outside on the beach for dinner which was reallllyyy nice! Musthafa is flawless and you can see that he cares for the guests. Don’t try to plan your activities beforehand, they depend on the weather and also the number of people doing it so, Musthafa will organize it every morning with the guests and works perfectly. We did a day at Club Med (really worth it, you have a Maldives resort experience), snorkeling (really nice, is a must!), sunset fishing (beautiful experience although we didn’t fish anything which we really didn’t care) and a Viligili Island day (is nice and peaceful, nothing there only the beach. Musthafa staff bring the lunch). In general the experience was more than we expected and totally worth it! we would definitely stay there again. The dinner on the beach was on the Christmas night and so it was surprising and kind from them to organize it. Huraa is a very small island but you can find small markets and shops and even one or 2 restaurants. Have in mind that it is a local Maldivian experience, not luxurious resort stay. It is simple and relaxed and we loved it! the bikini beach is 5 min walking from Beach Heaven and really good beach to stay when you don’t want to go on activities. Musthafa is very hard working men, hands on all the time and you can see that he teaches his staff accordingly. From the beginning to the end of our stay it was just amazing! Thank you so much for the great experience Beach Heaven.
Lari and Junior

My friend and I had such a great time with Musthafa and his staffs! The welcome drink, fresh young coconut juice was awesome! The hospitality was incredible all the time. Staffs were always smiling and caring. Musthafa was passionate in being a host and taking care of visitors. Always attentive and asking if there was anything else we needed. Huraa is not a big fancy island. The beach is small and probably wouldn’t meet your expectation but just out of the island it’s fully fun packed with various water activities and Musthafa was eager to provide us more… And the last and foremost, we DID LOVE THEIR FOOD!! me and my fiend are foodies and everytime we were antocipating for the next meal. Loved staying with you. Thanks:)
Young Joo

Beach Heaven was a great find. The local island was interesting and everyone was very friendly. We enjoyed the local beach, bikini beach and look around the handful of local shops. The staff at Beach Heaven were very helpful and we felt supported in our stay. The shark and turtle trip did not disappoint with both turning up! If you want somewhere simple, easy etc this could be for you. Thanks to Musthafa and the team.

Mustafa is a wonderful host. He was there to meet us at the ferry port when we arrived. He was very helpful. He even invited us to his son’s wedding. It was a beautiful event. The room is simple but adequate with air conditioning. The food was delicious. He is a great guide when we went snorkeling. The water is beautiful. Many types of fishes. He was very helpful when I got sick with the flu with finding medicine, especially since we’re on a small island. Very much appreciated. Highly recommended to stay here if you go to the Maldives. I would recommend his speedboat instead of the ferry. Much more convenient.

We had a great stay with Musthafa and his staff. The rooms were clean, we were always fed and they always made sure we had something to do. We spent most of our time scuba diving with the dive centre on the island, they were amazing! The snorkelling was fantastic. Bring a good book and some playing cards for the evenings. Great way to experience the REAL Maldives.

We only stayed for a short 3 nights in beach heaven. Musthafa is a really good host , he understood our requirements pretty well and arranged all the possible activities for the 3 days. Really enjoyed all the activities. The food provided from the restaurant was nice, all the staffs were friendly. Highly recommend beach heaven to anyone planning for a budget stay and do activities.

Beach Heaven, Musthafa, and Co. were absolutely great. The servers during meal time were so hospitable and kind, always smiling and minding whether you had enough water juice or coffee. I loved Beach Heaven’s staff. I actually tried out an expensive resort near by and there staff was no where near as friendly! You can tell Beach Heaven cares about their guests. Musthafa personally picked us up from the airport, he was already there and we didn’t have to wait. He also walked us to the 8 o’clock ferry that the residents of Huraa use to get back to Male. The rooms were very clean and the grounds were very well maintained. I’ve stayed at some hostels before and the cleanliness matches that of a resort rather than a hostel. Unfortunately because of the weather we were only able to partake in one activity with Beach Heaven, but the snorkeling nearby was great, plenty of colorful fish, and the water is an amazing hue of blue. Overall, thank you so much Beach Heaven for a very welcoming first time in Maldives. Maybe some resorts can take some tips from you about hospitality!

Heaven beach is a great island. The place have nice sea view and sunrise view in early morning. The room was clean and comfortable. The charges was reasonable even though the activities is also. The host Musthafa and his staff are very friendly and helpful to arranged our all activities we have and we are very enjoy and satisfied on our vacation. Thanks to our host to bring us have a great memories on Maldives trip.

We had a great time at Beach Heaven and Musthafa couldn’t have been more helpful. It was a very sociable environment and a great option for those looking for a budget Maldives experience. Beach was gorgeous, food was great and the room was comfortable.

Its been a really great time staying at Musthafa’s Beach House. All the crew were friendly, makes you feel really welcome and super attentive. Clean and comfortable room. They also provide very fun activities, snorkel every day, swim with sea turtles & sharks, see dolphins, fun tubing, night fishing, crab hunting & bbq on small island. They also prepare the fresh fish & crabs you caught in 15mins for dinner, which is amazing. Definitely recommend staying here if you looking for a great vacation in Maldives, Musthafa and the crew will try their best to address your every need. They really made me feel like home, treating us like families. And so much fun playing volleyball on the beach with them. It’s a really reasonable price, for both accommodation & activities, comparing to the nearby resorts (Four Season & Club Med). We also spent a day at Club Med by purchasing a day pass to enjoy the facilities (infinity pool if thats your thing). Overall, we enjoy staying here a lot. For those who has concern about the water in the bathroom, thats just how the water smells from the well (underground), there’s nothing they can do now, and they are waiting for the government to improve it for the whole island. p/s. pack your SPF100 sunscreen & lotion to hydrate your skin, the sun is really strong here. (Great for those who wants a tan)

We had 7 days at Mustafa ‘s guest house and we wish we could have stayed longer. We were welcomed with coconut water ready for us as we got into the house. Mustafa and his team are great, the food is amazing. You can ask the chef to tweak the food to your liking if it is too spicy. The rooms are cleaned to perfection and the team are happy to address any issues. For anyone worried about the water I just want to say it’s completely clean and safe…we drank from the taps twice and we are totally fine. Mustafa provides many activities and he knows the best places to take us and always made us feel safe. We went snorkeling every day and saw some amazing sea life which Musthafa pointed out to us such as Sting Rays and sea cucumbers. We snorkelled with sharks…about 10 under us and 5 or 6 around us, a totally amazing experience. We swam with turtles and went dolphin watching. We also did fun tubing twice which was amazing and every day was full of activities so we were never bored. Mustafa and the team also organised a picnic at a nearby island, by far the best picnic we’ve had. We snorkeled and then ate and finished with a volleyball match in the sea and on the beach. The team make the whole experience amazing…everyone got involved. Night time fishing was a great experience and we caught upto 17 fish as a group (which is really good for beginners) and the fish was cooked fresh when we got back to land. We will definately be coming back to Beach Heaven as it is an amazing place with amazing people who treat you like family. We made friends with the other guests and all the Beach Heaven crew. We highly recommend Beach Heaven to anyone going to the Maldives as it is a place where you will get more than your money’s worth. All you have to do is ask and Mustafa will provide.

Amazing guesthouse in the Heart of a lovely island called Huraa. Here, you’ll have a relaxing time in Mustapha’s Beach Heaven on a preserved environment. Discover the real Maldives, not the ones from resort hotels. Enjoy the taste of traditional Maldivian food (delicious!) at every meal, live among a friendly population and feel the rythm of Maldivian life. Bikini beach is very close, and Mustapha will provide you with all the information you might need and with all the activities you may want to do. In short: go! Go! Go! You won’t regret it.

Very nice place to relax in maldives where Musthafa and his staff always pay a lot of attention and hospitality to us. Very good food. We loved the excursion, snorkeling , night fishing and bbq on a desert island.

Mustafa welcomed us at the airport. He led us to the guesthouse speedboat but did not go with us all the way to Huraa. We were welcomed by his son Fazan in Huraa. The room was clean and cozy. The only negative is the bath water, it smells funky (kinda like eggs). We very much enjoyed the snorkeling trip, very big fishes and the visibility was superb underwater. Bikini beach was very near. So we went there every day during our 3-day stay. We did not need to worry about the food because meals are included 3x a day, buffet-style. Overall a very pleasant experience for those who want to go to Maldives on a budget. I recommend Mustafa’s guesthouse!!!

A pleasant stay in small Maldives Island. Many impromptu activities organize by Musthafa like snorkeling trips, fishing, etc. Very clean and comfortable room and guesthouse. Food was okay. Attentive staffs make sure you are well taken care of.

We had a really good time staying at the Beach Heaven. Though we were not able to see Mustafa, his son Fazaan really took care of us. Also the staffs were friendly and accommodating. They will assist you in every request you ask them. The location is in a peaceful and quiet place. Although the place is dry (no alcohols), you can have them in the nearby resorts (Club Med & 4 Seasons). There was no night life in this island so it was perfect for tourists who prefer a more peaceful and relaxing vacation. The Bikini Beach was just 5 minute walk. The food was delicious although I think they can improve and add more variety even at an additional costs. Overall, we had a great time. Next time we visit, we will stay longer.

Stayed here for 3 nights with a few friends, and loved it! Prior to that, we stayed in a over water villa on a resort on another island for 2 nights, and didn’t do much other than snorkelling, as we wanted to save up so that we could do more activities w Mustafa. We took the public ferry there (after a few misunderstandings w the boats operator, as we were told that public boats go to Huraa directly from the airport, but we actually have to take another boat to Male first), for about an hour. Arrived there and we were lost, but the locals there were very nice and knew Mustafa, so one of them used his bike and brought us there. The room was fishy, especially the water to shower and the toilet, but there is nothing much that can be done, just have to get used to it (spam the can of air freshener! and use water bottle to brush your teeth, unless you don’t mind the fishy taste) The aircon wasn’t working as well, but Mustafa was quick at finding someone to repair it. After that, we finally could enjoy our stay. First of all, I love the locals there! Huraa is a very very small island, with houses and infrastructures still under construction, which gives you a side of Maldives that not many people get to see. The staff at Mustafa’s were very friendly and service oriented, especially the kitchen cook and Saiful, who was something like the “waiter”. Thumbs up for their service! We were actually quite sad to leave them, haha. His son, Xaan was there most of the time, and was the one organising our activities. We went snorkelling a few times by speedboat, went night fishing, and had a barbeque on another island. If I get to go Maldives again, I would definitly want to come here again and say no to all the resorts, as we get to experience much more when living with the locals, just be friendly with them! We went to the Bikini Beach and saw a group of young locals listening to music and cutting coconuts. They waved at us and gently offered us a coconut each. We were even more satisfied with what was provided here, than in our resort, where we had to pay for every single thing, even water and snorkelling gear. (here, all provided!) Overall, we loved our stay there, and loved the laidback feeling that we had. Thanks Mustafa, Xaan, and the staff there!

I enjoyed my stay in Musthafa’s guesthouse. My room was clean and food was nice. AC in room was super cold. And Musthafa has been very responsive to guests’ need. I can tell he tries his best to make my stay smooth and enjoyable. He did mention some guests complained about water l, which was obvious. But it’s part of local public utility, not something he can do much. And he told that government plans to upgrade water supply of this island in eight months. All in all, my stay was good and I will come back again at some point.

I arrived to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport after about 5 hours flight from Singapore. I took a public ferry heading towards the capital, Malé. Mr Musthafa had sent me the directions before I left SG but I was still confused on the directions to Huraa Island (being a solo traveller). Thankfully, the Captain of the ferry seems to know the host, Mr Musthafa and he helped me to contact him. Mr Musthafa was at the airport waiting to pick me up for airport transfer (I didn’t know!), it was nice of him, really. I met Mr Musthafa at around 1200. He brought me to a restaurant for lunch and to sight-see. I was intrigued by the locals and the environment. I took the ferry at 1530 to Huraa Island (he paid for me!) and his son, Xaan picked me up at arrival. Huraa Island is located in North Male Atoll “Kaafu”, between the resorts of Club Med and Four Seasons. I get to experience living “as a local” in the community, and to watch the daily happenings of the rural island village life (the locals always greet me!), nowhere near the touristy sights. Visited the local beach (a min away) at 1700 to watch the sunset and to laze around the blue green sea. The friendly restaurant staff invited me to fish at night with them. I managed to see huge stingrays and puffer-fish under the sky full of stars. Amazing! The guesthouse was spacious and clean. I was given a room with a single bed, a king-sized bed, and a toilet is included as well. Everything in the house is completely new. Definitely pleased to know that the room is air-conditioned and the wi-fi is working great! Xaan was staying near me which makes it much easier for help or enquires. Before I forget, I was welcomed with a coconut drink. How warmly! The price of the beautiful guesthouse comes with free Breakfast (9am), lunch (1pm) and dinner (7pm) for my 5D4N trip. The food is a wide-spread (buffet style) with a variety of food for every meal. Thumbs up! The following days were mostly planned by Xann because I am laid-back by nature. Did snorkeling at 4 different parts of the Indian Ocean, experienced night-fishing (caught 3 fishes for a first-timer! They barbecued the fishes for dinner), the sunsets are totally mesmerizing (must-do!), dolphin-watch (I’m in love!) and of course, taking a day trip to an uninhabited island, Kuda Villingili (barbecued food, snorkeling, free-diving, crab-catching, etc). Well, and you get to enjoy being on speed boats everyday! Things to take note, bikinis can only be wore at Bikini Beach (5 mins away) and on the boat itself. T-shirts and shorts are acceptable. All in all, the host and his family were very hospitable! I have to say that I feel really safe (as a girl) when I was there alone. Maldives is such an awesome paradise and I will be back to stay again! (:

Really excellent! Easy to get to by ferry boat if you don’t want to take the speedboat. I stayed on a few local islands but this one was my favorite. The people are incredibly friendly and the island could not be a better example of the picturesque, Maldivian ways. With all meals included, you have money to spend on other activities like surfing, fishing, diving, and doing days at near by resorts. I was also a solo female traveler and felt extremely safe… All over the Maldives, but particularly on Huraa.

Musthafa’s beach heaven was a great experience, my stay was short but him and his team made sure everything we need was provided 3 nice meals a day were served and there was enough activities each day to keep us busy, we did snorkeling, when to club med for a day and even went to visit 4 seasons spa one afternoon.. if you are in a low budget and you like to mingle with the locals in this dreamed paradise, I recommend you to stay with Musthafa

We stayed with Mustafa for a total of 6 nights and we were 3 families (total 11 pax), with kids aged 6-8 yrs. Mustafa was very accommodating with providing extra bedding, cold drinks and all meals provided were satisfactory (we stayed on a full board basis). The food was clean and there was variety. We particularly enjoyed the different style of fish provided. Mustafa helped us organise a variety of activities incl fishing, snorkelling, and day trips to club med and male. Overall we had a good stay at mustafas and would recommend it to others as it was good value for money.

Although we only stayed for 1 night, we felt very welcomed and the host Musthafa was very caring towards all his guests. The room was tidy and clean, and food was to a good standard with lots of fish on the menu. We went snorkeling, fish feeding and did fishing all on the same day and ended cooking us the fish that we caught. We had a great time there although a short stay, would recommend this for the price. Musthafa says he is still expanding his guest houses and has lots of plans too.

Musthafas guest house is clean and right next to the beach. The place is expanding and getting more and more organised. He took his time from his busy business-running days and went snorkelling with us. The meals had been great with plenty of variety. The local islanders are lovely, especially the local kids are cute as buttons!!

We had a really great time at Musthafa’s place! Perfect if you’re looking for somehting else than a resort. Nice food and services.

Mustafa and his crew are wonderful hosts.The accommodation is sufficient and clean.The food,as well special bbq nights etc,is local,varied and qualitative.Thanks for the unique,genuine and very cool experience.