North Male Atoll Surf Breaks Map

North Male Atoll Surf Breaks Map

Surfing in North Male Atoll near Huraa Island

Duration: 2 hrs
Starting time: any time on request
Min. Guests: 1

The North Male Atoll contains well known breaks such as Lohis, Cokes, Chickens, Sultans, Jailbreaks, Honkys and Ninjas.

Best breaks are from March to mid October during the SW Monsoon with June – August being the peak season. The North Male Atoll offers a mix of rights and lefts featuring some long point breaks as well as some hollower reefs. Huraa island is situated in the Kaafu Atoll of Maldives (North Malè Atoll).

In Huraa Beach Heaven Guest House you will find a really comfortable accommodation for a good price, forget about expending big amounts of money in resorts! Total communication with the local people and life, a new experience with also the possibility of surf in one of the most paradisiac places in the world.

You can easily go to 6 of the best pointbreaks in all Maldives, just a few minutes away! You will be taken there by boat either early in the morning, for the breakfast surf or in the afternoon, to enjoy the awesome sunset. Food and drinks will be available while surfing if you want to have a rest in the boat and see your friends surfing while you chill! Feel yourself in the proper surf environment surrounded by palm trees, white sand and clear crystal water.


Popular destination for surfers in the North Male Atoll eastern reef because it provides consistent waves which never close out.  Small boats or ‘dhonis’ are used to transport surfers into offshore position at the rear of the break. This wave is the right hand companion to Honkys (left).


This wave is the left companion of the same reef as Sultans (right). Two sections, the outside and the inside, usually link up. The beach and entire Thanburudhoo island are government property. When the waves get up, a lot of current running off the point can be on certain swell directions. A quality wave!


Ninjas is located near Kanifinolhu (Club Med Kani resort island) on the eastern reef of the North Male Atoll. The moderate swell and length of ride are the main highlights, making it a good right hand long board wave.


This is perhaps the Maldives broadest wave field, with a bunch of different takeoff spots scattered along the flat reef, some linking up into 100-yard-plus rides, others into shorter tube sections. As it gets bigger, the sections can disappear and it becomes one super long, super fast right point, with three or four barrels per wave possible. The minor delinquent prison and a drug rehabilitation center in Himmafushi island give the name.


Named after the Coca-Cola factory on the island, Cokes is located on the easten reef of Thulusdhoo island. A short but intense right-hander and a big wave tube spot, this wave has a steep, barreling takeoff, and a very shallow but intense inside section that opens up. Best on mid to high tide, however it can be surfed at low tide on big swells. Ideal on a straight south swell and can be surfed in winds from any direction W–N. Beautiful view of palm fringed beaches from the surf zone.


Best on higher tide, Chickens if a very fast left with sections that can get hollow on a south swell. Get it’s name from a former chickens farm on Viligili island. Locals are super friendly and you will meet them mostly on Fridays (holiday). It’s an amazing ride!